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Self-Driving Cars: the legal ‘whodunit’

In this article, 4th Year LLB student and Obligations Law sub-editor Sarah Hassall,  addresses whether or not the present law is suitable for the incorporation of autonomous vehicles. It looks to the developing law in the USA concerning issues of liability and considers how these issues would be handled in Scotland.

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The New Flight of the Navigator: Civilian Drones and the Protection of Privacy

Since 2014, there has been unprecedented growth in ownership of 'drones' which were developed for the military, the technology has been adapted for leisure and commercial use. The largest growth sector has been in small drones for leisure use. Models for civilian use are readily available, increasingly inexpensive, and often include a camera or other recording facilities.The capability of the aircraft is almost limitless, depending on what technology has been loaded on to it, offering numerous opportunities for commercial use. The European Commission intends to develop the sector, in light of the rapid growth of the industry in the United States.

While the growth of the market may be seen to be a priority, in this article Salome Nilsson considers whether provisions adopted sufficiently protect the privacy of individuals, or whether changes to legislation are required.

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The Coherence of Contractual Damages In The Wake of Attorney General v Blake

Alex Gibb, 4th Year LLB and Law Society Media Convenor 2014/15, discusses whether the coherence of the law of contractual damages was undermined in Attorney General v Blake, in which some critics suggest the court confused 'compensation' with 'deterrence' as the purpose of damages for breach of …

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The Postal Rule in the Digital Age


 This article aims to discuss the reasons for the postal rule being utilised for the communication of electronic mail as well as the traditional letter method by drawing on conventional reasoning coupled with international developments.

Written by Katy McBride, fourth year student and sub-ed…

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