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Human Rights

Is the UK Government out of touch with modern Human Rights Law regarding Euthanasia?

In this article, 4th year LLB student and European Law sub-editor Selena Jackson discusses the contrast between the UK's stance on euthanasia since Pretty v United Kingdom, and recent legal developments that have been made elsewhere...

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In Defence of the Human Rights Act

Anna Falconer discusses the ongoing debate concerning the effectiveness of the Human Rights Act and looks at whether or not it remains the most appropriate human rights protection legislation for this day and age.

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Article 10 ECHR's right to freedom of expression and defending the client. What rights do solicitors have?

Past president of GULS, Ali Cooper, analyses the development of Freedom of Expression in relation to lawyers by reference to the Grand Chamber judgement of Moris v France...

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Human Rights: A luxury for the rich?

Human rights are not luxuries we enjoy in times of prosperity and abundance, but inalienable entitlements which should be exercised everywhere by all members of the human family. 

In this article Firouzeh Mitchell, 4th Year LLB, considers whether the protections afforded by international human rights frameworks are a luxury only affordable by wealthy nations.

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The Right to Peaceful Protest

This article by Euan O'Neill, 4th Year LLB, discusses the right to peaceful protest and in particular, the development of this right discussed in talks at the United Nations Office in Geneva.

This article will discuss the emerging right under international human rights law to peaceful protes…

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The Fight to End Female Genital Mutilation: Affirming Our Universal Human Rights or Shutting Our Eyes to Cultural Relativity?

 This article explores the tension inherent in the international community’s ongoing purge against female genital mutilation, and seeks to discern whether a fine balance can in fact be struck between cultural relativism and the global pursuit of universal human rights. 

 Written by Eva Milne, …

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We Need To Talk About Institutions: Human Rights and International Organisations


Written by Douglas Kerr, LL.B graduate and DPLP student at the University of Glasgow





 *The following is an abridged version of Chapter Two of the author’s LLM Dissertation “To What Extent are International Organisations Accountable for Human Rights Violations” (Universi…

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Military Dictatorship in Bolivia and the Contemporary Campaign for Justice

Written by Jamie Hislop, graduate of the University of Glasgow and currently working with Servicio Internacional Británico, a human rights-based development organisation, in La Paz, Bolivia.

In tents on the kerb of El Prado, the main thoroughfare of La Paz, live a group of elderly Bolivians. At …

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The Curious Detention of David Miranda

 Written by Donald MacKay (4th year LLB)

In June 2013, Guardian journalist and commentator Glenn Greenwald received the largest leak of intelligence files since the end of the Cold War. [1] The name of the perpetrator: Edward Snowden. Remaining in contact, Greenwald wrote extensively on what the…

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When can life mean life?


Written by  Fraser Simpson, recent graduate of Glasgow University Law School and now an LLM student at Lund University studying International Human Rights Law

In the latest ruling to exasperate Westminster figures, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Vinter and Others v The United …

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