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Hegel's deontological justification for the existence of private property in society

In this article, Paul Keenan (4th year LLB) discusses Hegel's deontological justification for the existence of private property in society and the significance thereof for the determination of individual freedom and will...

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Rousseau’s Contradictory Treatment of Property

Anna Hills (3rd year LLB) explores the detailed theories of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's property right by analysing 'The Social Contract' and 'The Second Discourse'. Contradictions between his two writings are discussed throughout this article...

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A Feminist Analysis of Selected Works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a seminal legal and political philosopher whose work on social contract theory is widely celebrated. However, scholars of feminism and feminist jurisprudence have criticised his work for containing sexist elements throughout.

Here, Paul Sanders examines his work. His analysis reveals that their concerns are not unfounded as three key works of Rousseau's suggest he endorses dominance of man at the expense of women.

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Who is The Subject of The Rights of Man?

In this article Ben Semple, 4th Year LLB, discusses Rancière's response to the question 'Who is The Subject of The Rights of Man?'

Across his work Rancière identifies the collapse of the Soviet Empire and the formalism of universal Human Rights as a vital process in modern (or post-modern) …

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A Dworkinian Approach to Law and Mercy


This article comes from Daniel Peixoto Murata, a visiting student to the Glasgow School of Law and a student at the University of São Paulo. Daniel would like to thank Professor Emilios Christodoulidis for his comments and reading suggestions on the subject of this esssay. 



 We liv…

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The ‘Inner Morality of Law’: An Analysis of Lon L. Fuller’s Theory

 This article examines Lon L. Fuller’s most famous and influential work, The Morality of Law (1964)Anchor, in which he presents the concept of ‘the inner morality of law’. It will discuss the justifications for this natural law philosophy and explore the critique that it has attracted by legal positi…

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A New Area

Legal Theory is a new area of the Law Review for 2014/15, and we are very excited to hopefully receive submissions in this area. The sub-editor for this section of the review is Stephanie Paton, and any articles can be submitted to her at

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