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Old Studies in Scots Law Series Discount

To all students,

We would like to draw your attention to a fantastic opportunity to obtain the Old Studies in Scots Law series at a discount price!

The Old Studies in Scots Law series reprints key historical texts on the law of Scotland. The series editor is Professor Kenneth Reid, and the series is published by the Edinburgh Legal Education Trust.

Four volumes have already been published:

George Joseph Bell, Principles of the Law of Scotland (4th edn, 1839; with an introduction by Kenneth GC Reid)

George Watson, Bell's Dictionary and Digest of the Law of Scotland (7th edn; with an introduction by Ross Gilbert Anderson)

William Forbes, The Institutes of the Law of Scotland (1722 and 1730; with an introduction by Hector L MacQueen)

Lord Kames, Principles of Equity (3rd edn, 1778; with an introduction by Dan Carr)

Volume 5 due to be published in March 2014 is:

John Erskine, An Institute of the Law of Scotland (1st edn; with an introduction by Kenneth GC Reid)

The separate volumes of the Old Studies in Scots Law Series cost £30 each in book shops, however, we are able to obtain the volumes for you at the low cost of £10 each! This represents extraordinarily good value for such seminal works. Whether for use in seminar preparation, coursework or your dissertation; these books will be of use to you for years to come.

Should any of you wish place an order to obtain any of the volumes, or have any questions regarding the series, please contact our Property and Commercial Sub-Editor Joseph Slane at Orders will be collated over a month and deliveries will be made at the end of each month.

Many thanks,



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