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Are Two Really Better Than One? A Critical Evaluation of the Law of Human Reproductive Cloning

In this article, Rachael Jane Ruth (Diploma in Professional Legal Practice), critically evaluates the strict governance surrounding Human Reproductive Cloning through analysis of its potential benefits and risks.

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Assisted Reproduction: Is it Appropriate for the Law to Intervene?

In this article, Anna Nelson (4th Year LLB ), looks at whether the use of Artificial Reproductive Technologies justifies moving the act of reproduction out of the private sphere and into the public one, thus allowing for regulatory intervention.

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X v Y and Dispensing with Parental Consent to Adoption

Chloe Shields explores the longstanding controversy surrounding the issue of dispensing with parental consent to adoption, and also provides an analysis into the recent case of X v Y. 

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The Bolitho Test: revolutionary or repetitive?

In this article, Sarah Hassall assesses whether the case of Bolitho v City and Hackney Health Authority, is the foundation for the ‘veto power’ over medical opinion and whether the true origin of this power affects the impact Bolitho has had on the standard of care.

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What’s in a name? - A critique of the Japanese Supreme Court’s surname ruling from a feminist jurisprudential perspective

In December 2015, the Japanese Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of a controversial Civil Code provision requiring married couples to use the same surname in official matters. This decision has been highly criticised, especially by women's rights groups, as the matter is contentious in Japan, with opponents calling it an infringement of women's fundamental rights and conservatives regarding shared names as a central pillar of the family unit. In this article, Julia Bambach critiques the decision from a feminist jurisprudential perspective.


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Control of Drug Abuse in the United Kingdom: Time For A Change In Policy?

Siobhan MacMaster, 4th Year LLB and 2014/15 Law Society President, wonders whether a change in policy is required to tackle drug abuse in the United Kingdom.

With the increasing number of drugs available in today’s world, proper regulation of their use is imperative. Here and now, there are s…

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The right to die: Should it exist?

With specific reference to Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill, this article discusses whether terminally ill individuals should have the legal right to end their lives through a legalization of assisted dying in the UK, and poses the question: is there really distinction between an act and an omi…

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Sharia Law: Equality for All?

Written By Francesca Allanson (2nd year LLB)

In the last two decades the use and influence of Sharia law in the UK has grown substantially. Every year thousands of Muslims seek advice and assistance from Sharia Councils, throughout the country, in an attempt to resolve marital disputes in accorda…

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Should Men be Entitled to Reject Legal Fatherhood During the Early Stages of Pregnancy? An Analysis in Light of the ECHR

Written by Julian Stein studying LLM in Intellectual Property and the Digital Enviroment

Although the United Kingdom does not allow abortions upon request under s1(1) of the Abortion Act 1967, the vast majority of countries in Europe, Asia and Northern America allow pregnant women to have their …

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From Hunter v Hanley to Bolitho v City and Hackney Health Authority: Lessons Learned

Written by Siobhan MacMaster (3rd Year LLB) 

The relationship between law and the medical profession is intricate, ever changing and can give rise to much academic debate. With medical advances and an increase in a litigious culture, it is essential that the law evolves in order to protect both …

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