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Labour as a fictitious commodity: The insight of Polanyi and the double movement in the development of the European Union

In this article, Yazdon Taghinia (4th year LLB) examines the concept of labour as a fictitious commodity as argued by the works of Karl Polanyi in the context of the development of the EU.

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No more six pack: The effect of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 on workplace accident claims and civil liability of employers.

Section 69 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 was a drastic change to health and safety law in the United Kingdom, by removing civil liability for breaches of health and safety regulations where not provided for: significantly, impacting the key 'six-pack' heath and safety regulations often relied upon.

In this article Iain Brown, 4th Year LLB and GULS Media & Publicity Convenor 2015/16, considers the effect the 2013 Act will have on the viability of workplace accident claims and the civil liability of employers.


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Gender pay gap reporting: Will increased transparency remedy the pay gap?

Despite the introduction of equal pay legislation and changing attitudes to the role of women in society, the United Kingdom remains one of the highest ranking nations in terms of gender pay gap in the European Union. This is a stark reminder of how far the movement for achieving pay equality is yet to go.

In this article, Lamia Lamki, 4th Year LLB, discusses the causes of pay inequality and whether the future introduction of transparency regulations are enough to meet this aim.

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Obesity: a weighty problem for employers?

One quarter of the UK adult population is now obese and it is predicted that half of all adults could be obese by the middle of the century.[0] With this in mind, should obesity be regarded as a disability under the Equality Act 2010 alongside other protected characteristics such as gender, age, r…

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Zero-Hour Contracts: The Capitalist Dream


Written by Rachel Murphy (2nd year LL.B)

We live today in the golden age of capitalism; the longest surviving economic order. This is a time in which anybody from anywhere can prosper on the basis of hard work. However, it is not surprising that capitalism is often criticised. It is, after a…

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Employment Tribunal Fees: Killing the Claimant


Written by Andrew Rutherford (4th year LL.B)

Since their introduction by the Industrial Training Act 1964, Employment Tribunals have become a cornerstone of our legal system. The Tribunals hear claims which range from recovery of holiday pay to complex equal pay cases involving thousands of c…

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